Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A~leVEls And GoveRnmEnt EXams,

A MAjor Differ. BTwn A~lEveLS and GovernMEnt basis Examinations....Yess!!! I did MY Alevels IN KEMayAn (ATC)..A yEar of fOUNDAtION in LaW SUCKZ MAN !!!!!!WITh JUST A 3 CORE SUbJECTS CONSISTS OF LAW,THINKING SKILLS AND BUSINESS !!!Oh GOsh !! alevels Were meant for NERds ~hahahahhaaa...........THough CambRidge EXAm. PassINg RAte iS &^^%*&Y&^....!! What Shall I say !!! I fAIled MY LAw pepz.....A tOtal Of RM 10 k Wasted !! anyWAyz a nice EXperince Gained through thz..Aite ~

TeeN yEARz

Everyone tells you,
they're the best years of your life.
The thing they don't tell you,
is they are all full of strife.

From a child to a teen,
in less then a year.
It's a lot to deal with,
you have to grow up fast.

As a child you're free,
as a teen you feel locked up.
child has no worries,
A teen has a lot.

You learn the meaning of love,
you discover broken hearts.
The worries of being accepted,
are the hardest part of all.

What's the best
about these years?
When as a teen,
you live in fear.

A tEEnage Life

A PrimaRy Education In StoweLL SChool(Bukit Mertajam)
A 5years of SWeet and Bitter Teen LIfe in High SChool Bkt.MErtajam.
THouSands Of MemoRies And All SOrts Of Lifestyle Gained.
A Life Of A tEEn~


A Cancer Baby Born on 23 JUly 1992.......20 yearRz of loneliness PearL OF Orient~